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A Franchise You Can Open for Less Than $20K?

The average franchise costs a bit more than $500K to get open.

Because of that, most franchisees can take 5 years to get profitable and most people do not even consider a franchise due to the capital requirements.

But there is a type of business you can open for dramatically less investment.

A Restaurant Meal Delivery business.

Our operators deliver meals for restaurants that don’t deliver so often deliver for 30 or more restaurants people know, like and trust.

Your business credibility comes from the brands you deliver for – restaurants like Chili’s, Outback Steak, Subway and dozens more.

Since you have no physical location requirements and almost no fixed costs, our operators can get open for only $20K.

We do have 3 franchise competitors, but as typical franchises it will cost you between $100K – $150K to get open with any of them.

Our model is a bit different in that we are legally a “license”, not a franchise.

This let’s us keep our cost way down and pass the savings on to you.

And our model has another advantage too . . .

We do not charge any royalties on sales, while franchises charge between 8 – 10%.

That means, not only is your cost to open with us dramatically less, your operating profit is up to 50% more due to no royalties on your sales.

If you are still interested, would like more information, or even info about our competitors, let’s talk and I’ll explain in more detail.

Call me at 720-890-8760 or email joemcvoy@gmail.com