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How Does a Restaurant Meal Delivery Business Work?

How_Dine_In_Delivery_WorksIn a nutshell, you are simply connecting customers with their favorite restaurant menus and providing them to have the convenience of enjoying their meal from the comfort of their home or office.The meal delivery business opportunity is one of the fastest-growing segments of the $582 billion restaurant business without preparing any food or having an extensive retail location.The restaurant meal delivery business is an offshoot of what Domino’s pizza has started. Is selling in excess of 3 billion annually of nothing but pizza, our licensed operators have capitalized on this proven consumer desire for food delivery and convenience by delivering food for restaurants that don’t deliver themselves.Dine-In offers a comprehensive review of this business where we show you everything you need to know to be successful. You are free to operate anywhere you like under any name you choose. There are no franchise fees, no royalties on sales, no expensive location, no operating rules, and no restrictions to follow.

You will have an “menu guide” printed, which is a magazine-like booklet that has menus inside from the participating restaurants. A typical operation will start with 6 to 20 different restaurants representing a variety of foods.

These menu guides are distributed by various means such as direct mail, door hangers, putting them in hotels and the participating restaurants, and so on. As you get the menu guides distributed, people call and order food. Many people are only familiar with home delivery of pizza, so when they see they can order from dozens of national and local restaurants and have the food delivered quickly, they will tend to order again and again.

When they call, fax, or order online, you or your dispatcher takes down the information and calls the restaurant to order the food. Then a driver is called and told where to pick it up and where to deliver it.

The drivers can be independent contractors, like some of Domino’s pizza drivers, and they supply their own cars and gas. They are not employees and we have a number of alternative contracts you may choose from to use to make sure your drivers are not employees.

No selling is involved! Simply put out menu guides and the more you put out, the more orders you get.

When your drivers check back in at the end of the evening, they turn in the money or credit card receipts they collected from customers. You will be paying the restaurants for the food from the payments you have already received.

Depending on your interest and area, you may choose to be open for lunch and or dinner. If only open for dinner, then you have the daytime hours off!

We will show you how to explain to the restaurant that they will actually make two times the profit on food that goes out the back door in a box compared to meals served in their dining room!

It’s a true win-win. The restaurant makes a much better margin on food sold out the back door than on meals served on the premises. You make money on the food consumed in your customers homes or offices.

For more information, please visit our Contact Us Page and submit your contact information. Also, please download our Dine-In Delivery Restaurant Meal Delivery Service Publication and our 10 Secrets to Starting a Food Business Publication which will give you an inside peek into starting your own food delivery service business.