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How To Make Money In The Restaurant Business Without Cooking Any Food

make money in the restaurant business
Starting a restaurant is a highly risky and expensive endeavor.

Not only do you have the cost of a location, lots of employees, advertising and marketing, there is always the risk of the public’s preferences for types of meals changing.

This can add up to a 6 or 7 figure investment.

There is another way . . .

Start a restaurant meal delivery business (RDS) instead.

Instead of a 6 or 7 figure investment, you can be open for business for $20K or less.

I don’t know about you, but many couples get home from work late, don’t feel like cooking and are just tired of pizza.

Many RDS businesses deliver for 40 – 50 restaurants so the chances are good that they may deliver for your favorite restaurant. No matter, what, you are guaranteed a selection much more divers than pizza, pizza or pizza . . .

Take a look at a partial list of the advantages this type of business can offer you:

* you can run it out of your home or a very low rent location (no one comes to you so you do not need a “retail” location)

* you can get open and be taking orders for less than $20K – try that with a restaurant

* consumer food choice changes don’t matter to you – you deliver for lots of restaurants so if ones falls out of favor with people, you just remove them from your list – no 6 or 7 figure loss like that restaurant is facing.

* you have no inventory, accounts receivables or even employees (we show you how to have your drivers be independent contractors)

* you make a 30% gross profit and will end up netting more than the restaurants whose food you deliver – and they had to invest hundreds of thousands or even millions

I have written two free reports to explain even more about this business and explain how to start one. Click here to get your free copies.

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  • Cameron says:

    Hi joe, let me start by complimenting the website. its quite reader friendly. anyway, I am starting something sort of a RDS, but I’d say its a SDFS, student food delivery service, I’m planning on providing varsity students living off campus lunch n supper daily on weekdays for a monthly fee since students have to cook even during exams,plus they would avoid retail store food prices. do u think it is feasible? or possibly profitable? what might the short term risks be? please help! thanks a lot!

    • Cameron says:

      Apologies for the mistake, the service will be for on campus students.

      • admin says:

        I think that is a good idea and it will probably work just fine. The key is to get a commission from the restaurants you deliver for and the other key is to have other people doing the delivery and dispatching, not yourself. We have DID operators who target Universities as well as private homes and businesses in their areas. How much you can make will be dictated by how many people are in your target market.