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How you profit

Dine-In Delivery offers a comprehensive business review. Our food delivery business review takes place on site in your home city on an individual basis. We believe the one-on-one process to be the best because it allows us to address any of your concerns or questions individually instead of in a group seminar or class.

As part of your business review, we send an experience corporate representative to go over all the nuts and bolts and to make as many presentations as possible with you to restaurant owners and managers within the five days he is in your area.


  • Corporate representative will make restaurant presentations with you to restaurants in your operating area for 5 days
  • Information on the market and industry
  • The benefits to incorporating your business
  • How to incorporate – we’ll show you how to do it easily
  • Federal rules to be concerned with
  • Operating numbers from independent food delivery businesses
  • Operating numbers and guidelines to create a profitable business
  • How to identify restaurants to call on
  • How to get set up to take orders online
  • Restaurant operating costs needed to sign participating restaurants
  • Flip-chart presentation to use to sign up restaurants
  • Agreements to sign with restaurants
  • Menu guide printing cost and how many to print
  • Menu guides distribution cost and how many to distribute
  • Recruiting and staffing your operation and planning for seasonal variations
  • Independent contract driver agreements
  • How to set up your operation
  • Where and what to get in the way of communication equipment and hot boxes
  • How to start up your accounting and record keeping in a simple way
  • How to handle problems that may arise in any aspect of the business
  • Recruiting and equity involved partner
  • How to grow the business sales and profits
  • Turning owner operator into owner overseer into just plain owner
  • In short, everything you will need to make your business a success