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Investor Financing For New Dine-In Delivery Operators

Up until now, we have only had financing for people with a good credit score. Good credit is required to qualify for an unsecured loan. As loans, this type of financing requires monthly payments. Traditional bank financing required not only a good credit score, but collateral as well.

We now have an individual who is involved with Dine-In Delivery who has an interest in investing in new operations. You will need some of your own funds, but the good credit score needed for our other financing source is not required.

Investor Financing For Dine-In Delivery Operators – How It Works:

You will come here to Denver to meet with the investor (your future partner)

You bring with you a cashier’s check made out to Dine-In Delivery for the amount you have available.

The investor will provide the additional funds to get to $20,000 (for the $17.5K review). This will provide the $2,500 working capital needed to get open.

No collateral or personal guarantees are required from you.

You do not need good credit.

No monthly payments are required because this is an equity investment, not a loan. It does not need to be paid back.

The investor will not be involved in the day to day operations, that will be your job.

You will be paid a salary for operating the business and when there are profits above operating expenses, you and the investor will share those proportionate to your equity interest.

If you might be interested in this opportunity, contact Joe McVoy at 720-89-8760 or joemcvoy@gmail.com and he will connect you personally to the investor.