Multi-Unit Franchise Owners Make The Big Profits

You probably know that being a multi-unit franchise owner is where the big profits are . . .

But, did you know that some franchises cost as much for a single unit as Dine-In Delivery charges for 20 units?

With a license for that many units, you could potentially have the rights to an entire metro area if it’s available. Because our business is like a Domino’s in that you can only drive so far before the food gets cold, there are as many unit opportunities in a metro area than there are Domino’s.

To get a feel for that, look up online how many Domino’s there are in your area.

That’s roughly about how many Dine-In Delivery operations the area can support.

Do you want them all?

For the price of a single unit restaurant franchise, you could lock up the rights to an entire metro area for the same amount. Since our operators make even better profits than a restaurant – just by delivering their food – this is an opportunity that will not be available for long . . .