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National Developer Opportunity

If you like the business concept of DID but are not especially interested in operating one yourself, you might like our National Developer opportunity instead.

Dine-In Delivery has openings in several major metro areas for National Developers for our unique concept.  This opportunity is quite different from a Franchise Area Developer. Here is how . . .

No Area Restrictions:

You are not restricted to your own area. Although your focus may be a specific metro area, you are free to help us find operators anywhere in the US or Canada where we have openings.

No Selling or Travel:

There is no selling or travel required. All you need do is convey the facts about the business as you see on this web site and provide qualified prospects to corporate. A corporate officer will travel to meet with your prospect and close the sale and send you up to $7,500 when your prospect’s check clears.

No Additional Investment:

There is no additional investment required to become an Area Developer. You are only required to invest the same fees that an operator would pay. You can, if you choose, recoup that entire investment with your very first sale.

Equity Participation:

You will also receive an equity participation in the planned sale of the parent corporation. A sale of the parent corporation will not change any agreements you have with our corporation.

Multi-Unit Ownership Opportunities:

Since our cost to get open is so much less than a franchise, you may find you could become a multi-unit owner in a major metro area for less than the cost of a typical single restaurant franchise. Discounts are available for multi-units. Call to see if your area is available and for more info on discounts.

For either National Developer or Multi-Unit owner, give us a call at 720-890-8760 or note your interest in the Multi-Unit or National Developer opportunity in the comments section of the contact form.