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Dine-In Delivery, Inc. is a Corporation that has, through research and financial investments in operating restaurant meal delivery businesses, acquired the knowledge necessary to assist others in entering one of the fastest-growing segments of the $708 Billion restaurant mail industry. That segment is the delivery of restaurant meals to customers in their homes or offices.

Unlike most franchises, we don’t have hard to understand legal documents and our two simple one-page agreements can be viewed by downloading the Dine-In Delivery Restaurant Mail Delivery Service Publication.

John Seely is Dine-In Delivery’s founder and principal stockholder and he will fly out to meet you to share the confidential financial and operating information with you in person before you decide whether to join us!

Our Director of Operational Reviews is Ed Huddle and he will complete your business review should you decide to go forward after your meeting with John and sign a DID agreement. As a part of your business review, Ed will make as many restaurant presentations with you as possible in the five days you will be together. He has made hundreds of these presentations around the country, and we have found that in person presentations to restaurant owners are the best way to show you how to handle any questions.

Joe McVoy is Dine-In Delivery’s Vice President of Marketing. Joe can be reached at 720-890-8760 and is ready to answer your questions and to determine if Dine-In Delivery is a good match for both parties.