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How Dine-In Delivery Is Different:


What sets us apart from most firms that convey knowledge is that we don’t force anyone to pay ever-increasing royalties as their sales go up as franchisors do. At the conclusion of our review of the restaurant meal delivery business by non-preparers, the reviewee is free to go about opening a restaurant meal delivery business entirely independent of us. You are not obligated to pay us any license or other fee. However, if the reviewee wishes, they can be licensed for a minimum fee to use the federally registered name, “Dine-In Delivery”, in the geographic area they choose. Also, 100% financing of that fee is available.

Dine-In Delivery’s Procedure:

All of Dine-In Delivery’s business starts with a no cost, no obligation meeting for anyone interested in acquiring from us the knowledge necessary to enter the multi-billion dollar restaurant meal delivery business. At that meeting, a Dine-In Delivery representative will go over our review contract. It spells out the time, place, and individuals with whom a reviewee will meet in a one-on-one setting, which we’ve found is the best way to communicate the details of the food delivery business.

Dine-In Delivery’s Philosophy:

We believe an individual with an equity stake in his own business deserves to make all the decisions as to the operation of the business. We believe this to be particularly true when one remembers that an operation in an inner city of a major city is quite different from an operation in a suburb of the same city. For this and other reasons, we don’t set any operating rules even for those people licensed to use the name Dine-In Delivery.

As demonstrated above, it is much more profitable to operate a food delivery business as compared to your traditional food delivery franchise. Please contact us via our Contact Us page for more detailed information and also down load our Dine-In Delivery Restaurant Meal Delivery Service Guide for insight into what we do, how we do it, and what it costs.