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Why we’re better

Why We Believe Our Business Model Is Much Better Than a Franchise:


betterYou make more money:

Both franchises and our licensees in the restaurant meal delivery industry typically get a 30% discount on the food from the restaurant, but a franchise commonly takes 10% for royalties, ad funds, etc., leaving you with a 20% gross profit. Our operators keep the entire 30% and instead of a royalty based on sales pay a small fixed fee to use our name and registered trademark.

It costs less to get open:

You can get open as a Dine-In Delivery licensee for as little as $20,000, which is a small fraction of what it costs to open a franchise.

Financing is available:

We have a source who specializes in financing our business. If you have a good credit rating and are interested, contact us and we’ll connect you with them. We make no profit on financing and the details are between you and them.

No liquidity or net worth requirements:

We have no such requirements; franchises typically require $50,000 or more liquid cash and a lot more than that for net worth.

 No operating restrictions:

All franchises dictate how you will be operating. Violate your agreement and they have the right to terminate your franchise. Dine-In Delivery licensees are free to operate however they see fit to better meet their local market needs.

 Become a multi-unit operator at much less cost:

Opening additional units can be quite inexpensive because there is no “review” fee or “franchise fee” to pay.

 Sell your business – keep the money:

Franchises charge a fee to transfer or sell your business to someone else. They also require you to get their approval. With our model, you can sell to anyone you like without consulting us or paying us any fees.